Relationship Sales Network

Discover Your Purpose Workshop,

Friday March 19th

A sales community that grows faster and stronger

by discovering our purpose, dreams and goals.

Being successful and fulfilling your life's purpose are not the same issue. When you discover your purpose you will reduce stress, simplify your decisions and increase your satisfaction. 

Relationship Sales Network solves two problems for sales professionals; structure and support. Structure begins with understanding your life's purpose. Your purpose ignites your dreams, goals and significant accomplishments.  

Your support is a combination of peer enthusiasm to live your purpose while holding you accountable to your commitments. 


  • Be clear why you are here.

  • Live the Law of Attraction.

  • Unleash the power of goal setting.

  • Focus on your core genius.

  • Speak with impeccability.

  • Commit to never-ending improvement.  

  • Transcend your limiting beliefs.


  • Integrity.

  • Courage.

  • Gratitude.  

  • Relationships.

  • Generosity.

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TEL. 860-882-2890

Relationship Sales Network
We solve the problem of structure and support for goal-oriented salespeople