We solve the problem of structure and support for goal-oriented salespeople!

Structure and support are critical in sales. We focus in 3 areas:



Invest in your Dreams

Write down dreams from 7 areas of your life and convert them to goals. Your life in sales is meant to be prosperous and abundant. Reach levels of success that will benefit you, your family and community. 


Have a repeatable

sales process

Selling is fun and rewarding when you follow a process that leads to closed sales. This network will help you identify challenges and opportunities in your sales process and propose ways to grow your business. 


build lifelong relationships

You flourish when you build relationships that enhance your visibility, credibility, and profitability. This requires integrity, patience, and a sincere interest in helping others.


your explosive sales growth plan

  1. Dream Achiever Program

2. Circle of Excellence

Three coaching sessions will bring clarity to your

3-year life plan. 

Meet with peers to discuss opportunities and challenges. 

The power of the Mastermind will take you further faster! 

3. The Legacy Project

A faithful commitment to your dreams, sales process and relationship building will change your business...and life forever! 

Welcome to this

exciting movement!

You have an expectation to live an extraordinary life in Sales. This is a lofty goal that has its share of roadblocks. We understand your need for structure and support. Sales is the least trained profession, yet offers freedom, creativity, wealth creation and an entrepreneurial spirit. My role is to be one of your guides on your journey.


In this group we will focus on your dreams, the efficiency of your sales process, and the relationships you need to reach your lofty goals. My role is to facilitate conversations with your peers where you can freely exchange ideas, get feedback, be accountable, and commit to celebrate successes. A rising tide lifts all boats.


You have chosen a special group that understands the coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, will help you succeed on a scale much larger than if done alone. 


Welcome to the Relationship Sales Network.

 - Michael J. Lynch, Facilitator and Coach


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Relationship Sales Network
We solve the problem of structure and support for goal-oriented salespeople